Our Crown of England (Subscriber poem) — Daniel .K

I was stirred finding this in my notifications today: Daniel .K, a Youtube subscriber, was inspired by readings on Greenwood to write his own verse in reply. A patriotic Englishman, of that there is no doubt. Here it is:

“Her shape may change and alter,

her jewels may come and go.

Her wearer’s may not be constant but the Crown is resolute.

Loyalty may not be easy,

its wearers may be fickle and vein,

But, this Crown is not her wearer, this Crown is me and you.

She links between the ages, fathers to their sons.

Between mothers and their daughters:

all are seen as one.

Yes, lives have fallen for her,

yet not one has been in vein;

for to die for Crown and countrymen is a life truly made.

Those from other places may look and laugh at her,

and see only thinly bent metal,

incapable of seeing more.

Yet her form is a transparent veil to those like you and I.

For we know her true value is unmeasurable—

for all of time.

To us she’s worth more the than the metal and time she took to forge.

For her history runs deep through us and our lore.

She may not be as powerful,

as in years long gone by,

yet to us her value has not altered,

nor our love declined.

She is the immortal Crown of England,

our land of hope and glory,

for with her there will always be,

an England with pleasant pastures seen,

whilst today we rejoice in “God save the Queen!”

Tomorrow we will sing “Long live the King!”

All the while we cannot forget, our sacred diadem.

To our Crown we must sing—

our Crown of England.”