Elementor #385



Elizabeth R.

My loving people

We have been persuaded by some that are careful of our safety, to take heed of the damage and danger to my Realm’s reputation, and how we commit our selves in light of subversive witchery and treachery of kin unfolding across the Atlantic ; but I assure you I do not desire to live to the distrust of my faithful and loving people and so I address you today in familiar terms, so you might know my mind is sovereginful.

Religion is the ground on which all other matters ought to take root, and being corrupted may mar all the tree, temporal and spiritual, across the commonwealth and with our closest ally. The sacred symbols of my realm exist beyond the temporal, and must be guarded, as the most prized inheritance of all my loving subjects who have vested their constituent sovereignty absolute in me, to act in their name and to defend.  

As Defender of the Faith and Supreme governor of the Church whose over-ruler God hath made me, my negligence cannot be excused if any schisms or errors heretical were suffered.

Therefore it is my duty to act in your name,

We herby proclaim:

We strip Henry and Megan Windsor, Duke and Duchess of Sussex of all rank and title, of all lands and holdings. 

We brand them enemies of the Crown and traitors to the realm. 

We charge my ministers to enact all necessary meant to bring them to the Queens justice. 

I have always so behaved myself that, under God, I have placed my chiefest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and good-will of my subjects. If is my fervent hope that this unprecedented proclamation will not diminish you love, rather, see it fortified with the rectification of temporal and spiritual wounds rendered upon us, upon The Ream, and The Crown. 

Given at Our Court, Eleventh of March, Two Thousand and Twenty One, in the Sixty Ninth Year of Our Reign.